Packing up.

Packing up.

It’s a Monday. While recent unemployment eases the familiar grief of the weekend, our eagerness to pack up, set off and explore is rife. With three days until our flight to Cancun my rucksack is nearly packed and the remainder prepared in my head. I am confident I have it covered with a rough categorised packing system. S has not packed, nor will he until Wednesday afternoon. He is taking the “I’ll see how I feel on the day” approach and I am equally confident in his system – it always works out!


Packing is tricky when it comes to a two-month travel trip / life-move over five different countries. We begin in Mexico during spring which will be, as my dear Mum would say, “hot-hot”. During our journey from Cancun to Mexico City, we are keen to hop over to Caye Caulker, Belize and Flores, Guatemala before retreating to Mexican soil. This will also be “hot-hot” however, our time in the West Coast of America will be a varied sprinkling of solid warmth to cool evenings, especially when camping in the Grand Canyon (as you do). We will then arrive in Vancouver with just our travelling possessions. So how do we pack, without pulling ourselves to the ground like a dropped ice cream?


Our main decision is to not ship our belongings across the pond, with hefty prices we would rather spend the money on new clothes and rent a furnished flat. I have also heard the stories about winter in Canada. I’m just not confident my three year old London coat will do the job; I am thinking a duvet-coat or something prepared by NASA…

Aside from inevitable back issues, I am keen to pack (fairly) lightly to allow for unusual Mexican market purchases. I love nothing but exploring a town or city by perusing the markets, avoiding the main tourist segment as much as possible, and seeing what represents them and the surrounding vicinity. Market traders are often warm and chatty and happy to display their colourful collection of cultural treasures – I can’t wait!

We said our farewells to family and friends at the weekend and with our bags pack (for one of us!) we just have a few lose ends to tie up before we set off on our big adventure; the first for us as a couple!


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