About Us


Offering the combination of an anxiety-prone newbie and an emotionally-resilient opportunist, we are a couple taking on a voyage leaving London big and smoking behind us. With the, quite frankly desperate, aim to breathe in clean air, gain freedom of time and experience ‘the other’, we set to embark on a voyage together in February 2017 with no end date. A lucky opportunity we are grasping with all four hands.

kayak_b_wOur story.

On the first day of University in the seaside town of Brighton the fates (or the University board) put us in the same dorm with rooms alongside each other. Whilst you may think this is romantic, it did not start this way. Nerves of social acceptance, thin walls and far too much cheap vodka conserved our relationship as platonic with a mischievous nightclub kiss here and there. Both becoming involved with other people, our friendship didn’t blossom until five years had passed and a firm, flirty friendship was sustained. The blend of a break-up, a birthday and bottles of slightly-less-cheap vodka enabled the bold move of a date proposal. Whilst the beginning wasn’t smooth until we found our feet during the status-readjustment, after eighteen months we moved in together and created a home in East London. With travel always on the agenda, many discussions, compromises and ‘vetoes’ later we booked a one-way flight, applied for a visa and here we are; ready to go.


Our plans.

Starting in and shortly escaping Cancún, we start our travels in Isla Mujeres, Mexico to tread trails of Mayan ruin and swim in clear, sun-drenched water. Over five weeks, we’ll work our way across to Mexico City with the hope to taste tacos, tequila and muchos tortilla along the way. Our Central American trip then halts as we fly to Vegas to experience the bright lights and big money we’ve heard so much about and to initiate our classic West Coast American road trip. To do this, we’re hiring the help of a friendly American, a familiar road-goer, a trusty member of the road-trip dream; the Ford Mustang! Our ally will take us to the Grand Canyon for a three-day hike, along to Salton City, San Diego, Los Angeles, Yosemite National Park and finally San Francisco. A farewell to the gas-guzzling convertible will allow us some time to explore the city vehicle-free before embarking on an overnight train journey to Portland towards our final destination of Vancouver via Seattle.

Arriving in May, our Canadian encounter will continue for a year as we set up camp and see what the hype has to offer.